Who We Are

GSP Networks, Inc. — Corporate Overview

GSP Networks, Inc., founded in 2007, is a privately held telecommunications contractor that focuses on providing truly comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for all of our customer’s telecommunications needs. Our core competencies reside in our outside plant and inside plant construction services, our fiber splicing and certification services, as well as our ability to manage both very large and very small projects extremely efficiently. In addition, we have the people, tools, and equipment to offer a full spectrum of complimentary telecommunication services, including project feasibility (cost) studies, network design, engineering, permitting, project management, and general contracting services. Regardless of the size or scope of your next project, GSP is committed to providing you with the best solution at the best price—all with the customer service you deserve.

Throughout our history, GSP has maintained a presence as a prime contractor in the Midwest. Over the years we have built an outstanding reputation in the industry as an honest, capable, and trustworthy company. Our growth has been organic, and our client base continues to grow year after year almost entirely through referrals.

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Some of Our Capabilities:

  • From April 2019 to April 2023, GSP installed over 2.5 million feet (Almost 500 Miles!) of underground conduit, handholes, and fiber optic cable via horizontal directional drilling, vibratory plowing, and trenching. In addition, we performed all of the splicing and certification on the installed fiber.
  • We currently have existing maintenance contracts in place with local and state governments. GSP serves to manage the overall quality control of our customer’s fiber networks, track and document strand usage, assist with network expansion planning, and stand on-call 24x7 for any service outage.
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Some of Our Services, Equipment, and Certifications:

Outside Plant (OSP) Design, Engineering, Permitting, Construction, and Maintenance.

  • Route Feasibility Selection, Permit Procurement, and Engineered Drafting Services.
  • Underground & Aerial Construction.
  • Fusion fiber splicing, terminating, and testing.
  • Material Management.
  • Network Maintenance & Emergency Restoration Services

Equipment & Certifications:

  • Ohio Department of Transportation Certified Contractor.
  • Avetta Certified Greenlight Contractor.
  • Excavators, Vac Trucks & Tailers, Horizontal Directional Drills, Cable Plows, Line Trucks, Splicing Trailers.
  • Fiber Optic Blowing Machines, Jets, Power Packs, and Compressors.
  • Fujikura, Fitel, Inno Fusion Splicing Machines – Both Ribbon and Single Fiber Fusion Splicers.
  • Exfo OTDR’s w/ iOLM Modules, Scopes, Power Meters and Light Sources.
  • Exfo Certifications.
  • Fiber Optic CFI & OSP Certifications.

Dave Bustamante — President

After graduating from Fisher College of Business of The Ohio State University with a degree in finance, Dave has spent almost his entire career in the telecommunications industry. His positions with both American Electric Power (AEP) and Kentucky Data Link (KDL) had a heavy emphasis on the implementation and project management of both large and small-scale telecom projects for multiple voice, data, wireless, and utility companies. His experience includes managing the installation and turn-up of over 3,000 miles of both aerial and underground fiber cable long-haul routes, as well as managing the construction of “Last-Mile” building entrances and inside plant construction services for hundreds of schools and enterprise businesses. Dave also has extensive hands-on experience in OSP engineering and ROW acquisition, as well as finance and budgetary analysis. Dave’s most recent position prior to GSP was as the area manager for a large telecommunications construction company.