OSP Construction

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Outside Plant (OSP) Construction:

Outside Plant (OSP) Construction refers to the installation and construction of telecommunications infrastructure that lies outside of a building or structure, including poles, cabinets, ducts, manholes, and underground conduits. GSP Network’s OSP construction crews are constantly involved in installing, testing, and maintaining various components used to provide voice, data, and video services to our customers.

The scope of our customer’s projects can range from installing new fiber optic cables to upgrading existing infrastructure, and may involve a variety of tasks such as directional drilling, excavation, trenching, conduit installation, and splicing of optical fibers. Some of our customer’s projects can be quite complex and require close coordination with other stakeholders such as government agencies, utility companies, and property owners.

OSP construction is a critical aspect of the deployment and maintenance of telecom networks, as it provides the foundation for delivering reliable and high-speed telecom services to customers. The quality and reliability of the OSP infrastructure directly impact the performance and availability of the telecom services, and it is essential that OSP construction is performed by experienced and trained personnel using the latest equipment and technology. GSP Networks’ construction teams meet and exceeds these demands every day.

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