Engineering & Design

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OSP Engineering and design

Outside Plant (OSP) Telecom Engineering is a specialized field of telecommunications engineering that focuses on the design, deployment, and maintenance of infrastructure used for transmitting signals and data from one place to another. This infrastructure includes fiber optic and copper cables, ducts, poles, cabinets, and other related equipment.

GSP’s OSP engineers are responsible for designing and implementing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective telecom networks that connect customers to various services such as voice, data, and video. They also plan and manage the installation of new equipment and upgrades to existing infrastructure. OSP engineers also oversee the maintenance and repair of telecom equipment and networks to ensure seamless operation and maximum uptime.

This field requires us to have a deep understanding of telecom technologies and infrastructure, as well as knowledge of construction and project management. Our engineers work with various stakeholders, including customers, network operators, construction companies, and government agencies, to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required standards.

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